Student Admission

To be considered for admission, interested parties must complete the school’s admission form, which is available either at the school or here on the website.

In addition to the completed form, applicants are required to submit school reports or transcripts, student identification documents, recent photos, and payment of the registration fee.

The admission process involves four steps:

First – Parents or guardians can open and complete the admission form, attach the necessary documents, and submit them or in case of handed documents deliver to the school office or call for more information.

Second – Upon arrival at the school, visitors will be asked to complete a registration form, be given an introduction to the school, and be taken on a tour of the premises.

All meetings with the Pedagogical Director or those responsible for the key stages must be scheduled in advance, contact us.

Third – The school may require an admission test to assess the suitability of the applicant. While grading placement can be challenging due to differences in educational backgrounds, past records, entrance tests, and interviews can be used in place of the age indicator. The final decision on admission and placement rests with the Pedagogical Director.

Finally, upon payment of the enrollment fee, the student will receive a uniform and be shown to their class or invited to start their schooling the following day at the School. The school reserves the right to refuse applicants with problematic records that cannot be adequately addressed.