Our Mission

To strive for excellence in education by providing differentiated, learning programs in a secure environment, enabling the students to make a positive change in their community and fulfill their potential.

Our Values

Respect – polite and thoughtful in dealing with others

I treat others the way I would like to be treated

I listen when others are speaking

I use good manners

Honesty – Being truthful and loyal to yourself and others

I won’t lie, steal, or deceive in any way.

I am trustworthy and sincere

I am fair in the treatment of others

Integrity– consistent in words and actions

I do what I say I will do

I am honest and trustworthy

I take responsibility for my actions

Perseverance – Never give-up-attitude

I finish what I start

I am not afraid to fail, I learn from it and go on.

I stay positive and ask for help if needed.

Excellence – Striving to be the best one can be and maximizing one’s potential.

I give my best in everything I do.

I focus on continuous learning and improvement

I choose to excel despite the level of difficulty